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'MingAi' is major in international association of handiwork skills which was found in fall of 2008.

We have accumulated many years of experience, included search
skills and experimental processes of handiwork. We also put a lot of efforts study on all necessary materials, tools and equipments for the handiwork industry in order to make a better lifestyle. 'MingAi' does not only provide high quality products with reasonable price, but also offer full technical advisory services.

In today's increasingly serious global warming, we realize the importance of environmental protection and natural emergencies. Therefore, our R&D team specially developed a variety of raw materials and high quality solution in line for environmental protection. We can also simultaneously achieve the perfect work of highest quality requirements, and enable users to enjoy the ingenuity process of artistic creation without a shred of worry.

In the future, we will be working and coordinated with artists all around the world in order to keep the spirit of R&D innovative. Based on the world fashion trends, to fulfill our responsibility under obligation, cheer for your encouragement, and let us all work together to be a handiwork master.

Services: NGO,Decoupage,Handiwork,Handicraft,Humanitarian assistance

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express
Payment:Wired Transfer
Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, East of TWN, HK & Macao, S-E Asia, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania