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Insulation & Moisturizing Coating

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Price NT$ 2,800 Special Offer NT$ 1,400

 Can be applied on the wood, bamboo, concrete, stone, plastic, metal, glass and ceramics, provide excellent adhesion, to form good insulation and moisturizing effect. This product is ivory and any water-based masterbatch colors can be mixed to use.

 Shake well before using, use a brush, roller, spray gun and other tools applied to the surface, can be repeated 2~3 times after the dry coating to achieve the best results.

【Coating area】
Per KG can be coated about 4~6m square.

Shut the pack tightly and keep it in a cool and dry place. Keep it away from kids and avoid to be eaten by mistake. If any emergency occurs, please flush with water immediately.

【Major Ingredient】
Ion water, Polyaminoacid resin, Auxiliaries agent, all Heavy metals, Benzyl, Formaldehyde...etc. are not detected.

【Manufacture date】
Marked on the pack

【Preservation period】
3 years

【Country of origin】

【This product is white】

【We provide 1kg and 3.5kg capacity for purchase】

【R & D】
Decoupage Social Enterprise INC.

【客戶服務/Customer Service】

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